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NAET  Basic 17

What makes us unique is that we know you can be allergic to basic nutrients, which is unheard of. That is why this treatment is revolutionary.

The NAET® Basic 17 treatments are aimed at making you compatible with the most common nutrients that are essential for everyone and every body. If you are sensitive or allergic to any of these essential nutrients, your body may not be receiving or absorbing adequate amounts of nutrients. A lack of nutrients in the body can cause you to have a weakened immune system or other health disorders. Addressing the Basic 17 first will allow for a quicker healing process with your more specific allergens.

You may be allergic to several components of a specific allergen. By completing the Basic 17 many of those components are desensitized so when treatments are done for your more specific allergens they have lessened. Megumi will ask you to avoid the treated allergen for 25 hours or more/less as indicated by NST after the completion of the treatment -- this includes avoiding eating, touching, inhaling, or coming within 5 feet of the substance that was treated.

NAET Basic 17 Avoidance List

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