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Emotional Health

Your emotional trauma, depression, anger, fear, anxiety,
low self-worth, etc., can be resolved with NAET®.

Emotional disturbances can come from any number of reasons. At our clinic, we recognize problems with the mind arise from problems in the body, especially from poor gut health. 95% of neurotransmitters are in the gut. For that reason, we use NAET® to address your food allergies first. You are required to be first treated with food items such as Egg Mix, Calcium Mix, Vitamin C Mix, Vitamin B Complex and Sugar Mix and depending on your case, Mineral Mix. If your body can handle these nutrients better, you will be better able to face your emotional disturbances, and better absorbed nutrients will calm your nervous system. Your emotional trauma, fear, anger, anxiety, depression, low-self-worth, etc. is treated as an allergen and will be desensitized. NAET® can be used to treat person-to-person allergies or allergies to your job, success, money, etc.

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