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Herbs & Nutritional
Supplement Assessment

Herbs and supplements that worked for someone else
may not work for you.
Best matched ones to you will cause the healing you need to happen.

Food serves many purposes. It is an important source of energy, provides the building blocks for your body, enriches your life, culture, pleasure, and makes you unique. You are what you eat after all! We consider food and nutrition as medicine that treats your health condition, and also as an enhancer for your body to function better in your daily life.

However, there are people who don’t improve their health concerns even though they eat the right food and take high quality supplements and herbs. We believe people can be

Herbs and Supplement Assessment, Bamboo Field NAET & Acupuncture

sensitive to anything – even those healthy food and nutrients. We suspect there are some issues needing to be addressed, so that those healthy food, nutritional supplements, and medicinal herbs will work better for you.

For example, the following issues effecting your ability to absorb and utilize nutrition:


  • You may be sensitive or allergic to some important nutrients.

  • Your gut integrity may be compromised, making it difficult to absorb nutrients.

  • The food you are eating, or supplements/herbs you are taking may be synthetic and difficult for your body to utilize.


Additionally, some nutrients may be saturated in your blood and causing problems. For example, elevated Ferritin (to see the iron level) is oxidative and can hurt your DNA.


Megumi Uppena, ACN (Applied Clinical Nutritionist) will assess any underlying issues and make a nutritional protocol for your needs.


Our Approaches

Neuromuscular Sensitivity Testing

We identify what nutrients are lacking for your specific needs and identify if it is a simple nutritional deficiency or there are nutritional deficiencies from allergies. NST (Neuromuscular Sensitivity Testing) is a great way to identify how your organs do with specific nutrients and identify what is the root cause of your specific condition. If your allergy to certain nutrients is severe, NAET® treatments may be recommended. If you are simply deficient in specific nutrients, NST can identify how severe the deficiency is and indicate which supplements are the best match for you.

Neuromuscular Sensitivity Testing (NST), Bamboo Field NAET & Acupuncture, Austin, TX

Planning Clinical Nutrition

Based on NST, and considering your lifestyle, we will identify your needs to correct your specific condition.  Nutritional supplements and/or herbs that you are not sensitive to will be chosen and recommended along with a supplement schedule and dosage. Most of the supplements are non-synthetic and whole food based so your body can easily process them. Our assessment may indicate you are not ready to take anything, and in that case, NAET ® treatment will be recommended.

Symptom Review

You may have random symptoms that are difficult to explain, or you are used to ignoring. You may be suppressing the symptoms for a long time with medications. Whatever they are, symptoms are your body's way of telling you something is not right, and if you keep ignoring them or covering them up, or not expressing to healthcare providers, the root cause of the symptoms will get worse.  Completing a  Symptom Review will help you to reveal your health status and will give us the overall snapshot of your health. Based on our visit (in person or virtually by phone or Zoom at cost) and the results from the symptom review, we can plan your lifestyle modifications, nutritional and/or herbal treatments. 

Purification/Detox Program

Whether your condition is complicated or not, your health may vastly improve if you just clean up your dietary habits. Using NST, we will define if you are ready to be on a purification (detox) program or not. Even though your diet is excellent, and you eat and drink the cleanest sources of food, toxins have still accumulated in your body. Your body has metabolic waste and tissue die-offs.


In this modern world, most of us are exposed to toxins and they can accumulate in the body. We can define what program is suitable for you and what tools (supplements and herbs) should be used for your constitution. We will teach you how and what to eat during the program.  We will support you throughout the program so you won't fail.


However, detoxification may not be for you. Why? Some people just don’t detoxify well to begin with! If the detox pathway is not open, you can get sick from pulled out toxins. If you don’t have at least one bowel movement a day, you should work on that first, and we can help you get well prepared. 

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