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Service Summary & Rates

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Follow up treatment packages available for discounted rates.


20 minute phone consultation. We will discuss how your health concerns will be treated.


30 minute first Celluma LED light treatment. Consent forms need to be filled out before the treatment.


NAET® Autism Study treatments. To sign up, please schedule a free initial consultation.


NAET® New Patient Phone Visit. Please allow 60 min. for the intake. Payment requested upon the call.

Included in $350

NAET® New Patient In-Person Evaluation & Treatment. Please allow 90 minutes for the visit.


Acupuncture New Patient Eval & Treatment. Please allow up to 90 minutes & wear loose clothes.


New Patient Teleconsultation. System Survey is required before the visit. Please allow 60 min.


NAET® Follow Up Treatment. Please be prepared for avoidance after the treatment.


Acupuncture Follow Up Treatment. Please wear loose clothes.


Existing Patient Teleconsultation. Nutritional supplementation, diet & lifestyle or testing consultation. 


Herbs + Supplement EvalIn-office evaluation with NST. Bring in products you are taking.


NAET® Re-Evaluation. Booster of Basic 17 if necessary and new treatment plan. 90 min.


Follow Up NAET + Celluma. While waiting for the allergen to clear, LED light treatment will be done.


Follow Up Acupuncture + Celluma. While retaining needles, LED light treatment will be done.


Zoom Visit. Going over Lab Results, or for any concerns you want to discuss.


Reiki initial phone consultation.  
Opportunity to ask questions about Reiki, session offerings and Reiki classes.


70-minute Reiki. 
New or follow up treatment for a quick reboot and recharge. 


90-minute Reiki
Includes a full body Reiki session and a chakra clearing.


2 hour Reiki and Intuitive Healing. 
90 min service + intuitive service, email, 30 min post virtual healing

Treatment Packages

Follow Up Treatment Packages

Wedding Bouquet, Bamboo Field NAET & Acupuncture

For follow up NAET, acupuncture visits, teleconsultation, zoom visits etc. Cannot be used for Reiki sessions.  Treatment packages are available to lower the cost of the non package price of $90. Treatment packages do not expire and may be shared with family members. Available packages:

  • $522 for 6 treatments ($87 each - save $18)

  • $984 for 12 treatments ($82 each - save $94)

  • $1,422 for 18 treatments ($79 each - save $198)

  • $1,800 for 24 treatments ($75 each - save $360)

  • $2,160 for 30 treatments ($72 per - save $540)

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